Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Introduction - Prologue to the blog

Hi Everyone,

This is an introduction to this blog and I would like to say a few words before I put my first post. This blog is for everyone. anyone can comment on the posts I make on this blog and all suggestions and criticism are welcome. Through this blog I mean no disrespect to any individual, religion, cast, sect, nation etc. It's just a place to put my opinion about how things are in this world and what could be done to improve them, what is wrong and what can we as an individual do to right it. Most of the times the posts will be supported by facts (general if not in actual numbers, but none the less verifiable). I would keep my identity as well as the identity of the data sources anonymous.

The main issue addressed by this blog is us - individuals, whether we are helping in solving the problems in any way or not because

If not part of the SOLUTION u r part of the PROBLEM.

I welcome everybody to follow this blog.

Thanks everyone in advance.