Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Chapter of "L" - 'Life'

"The challenges in our lives are there to STRENGTHEN our CONVICTIONS. They are NOT there to run us over" (Nick Vujicic)

I was just talking to my sister yesterday on ups and downs in life. One thing that we both agreed upon is life is worth living only because of ups and downs. Without the hardships the life would become boring and not worth living. And I think it’s right too. This post is prompted by the recent suicide case of Jiah Khan and motivated by the person whom most of we know - Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic was born without any arms or legs. There was no medical reason for it but it was also a condition that would break most of the persons. But this person learned to live with it, not only learn to live with it, he also overcame it. Today he is a very famous motivational speaker. He motivates people with all their limbs intact. From his own website, "I won’t pretend my life is easy, but through the love of my parents, loved ones, and faith in God, I have overcome my adversity and my life is now filled with joy and purpose". This is the attitude towards life. Being born without any limbs was a chapter in his life. But he decided to move out of that chapter and move ahead rather than being stuck in that chapter of his life.

Another very inspirational personality to overcome hardships is Bethany Hamilton, a pro surfer with only one arm. In the sport of surfing where balance is everything a surfer with one arm is at a severe disadvantage. But she overcame that disadvantage and showed that there is no limit to the life. There is a movie on her called "The Soul Surfer". It’s one of my all time favorite and really motivational movie. I would recommend everyone to watch it.

Unlike him there are many people who just can’t bring themselves out of a sad chapter in life. The recent Bollywood suicide case is one example. I won’t pretend to preach or understand the reasons behind the suicide case and talk about whether it was right or not. But I would definitely say that nothing is worth ending one's life. Many great people have become great only after being toiled in the adversities of life. If they would have ended their lives we would not have such great people. And more importantly if life is not worth living then why the hell the entire medical community daily works towards saving life. 

Ending one's life is not the solution to anything. Sadly the thought that there is nothing more to live for has crossed many of us. Out of those many a good percentage actually thinks of committing suicide and out of that good percentage a small number of people actually go ahead and commit suicide. But did they get rid of their problems. Oh yes but in the background they created problems for many others. Not to mention the emotional trauma their death causes to their loved ones.

There is always something to live for. I am a big fan of Nick Vujicic. I have watched many of his videos and when I am low I think that if that person can carry on without any limbs I don't even get the right to say that my problems are huge and great. There is a way of dealing with problems. It’s the attitude that matters. Living is more fun than dying any day.

So let’s not get stuck in the sad chapters of life and move ahead to find the happy chapters and live them fully.

Genie Signing off