Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Drawing The Line

"This article is dedicated to fellow blogger Jasveena Prabhagaran" (Genie)

Hi Everyone,

Before I start the article I would like to thank my recent fellow blogger friend Jasveena Prabhagaran for pointing me to one huge problem that's plaguing our society. Her blog Thoughts and Views That Matter has given me great inspiration to keep going. Do visit that blog it will inspire you a lot too.

To start the article see the image below and do comment on what is the first thought that comes in your mind:

Its a nice sensitive message and fairly easy to understand. Also there is no ambiguity in the message. How in the world can some post a a comment like this to this beautiful and sensitive message:

I will highlight the top message for ease below:
My friend Jasveena was ready to murder this person and she requested me to put opinion from a male's perspective. To be very frank I was also very disgusted. But before I elaborate into that let me develop some background to the article, now that the issue is in open.
When we grow up we come in contact with people during various stages of life. The first contact starts at home. Then comes the school, then comes the college, then comes the work place and so it goes on. During these contacts we learn something new in every stage. One of these things is sexual and adult jokes and innuendos. Sexual talks and innuendos are something that have been present in the society from a long time so I will not say that joking sexually is wrong or right. My concern here is how do we decide where we are supposed to say what and when do we know we have to stop. Big Questions really which I will touch upon just a moment in later paragraphs.

Jokes on male and female sexuality are fairly common. In fact they are a huge source of entertainment among college teenagers - girls and boys alike. But there is a limit to everything. There is a line which should not be crossed. There is a time and place for everything. If a married couple start talking about their sexual activities right in the middle of a crowded restaurant, most of the people will feel awkward and uncomfortable. This person XYZ Malhotra also forgot that what should be said at what place. It is because of these jackasses and male chauvinists that society ignores any mistake done by a man and punishes any small mistake done by a female heavily. Why? If a guy shoots a sexual innuendo in public he is the dude but if a girl does the same people say n number of things about the girl, her character and what not.

Oh and if you have time, do visit the Blog of this "nice" fellow XYZ Malhotra once. I will not disgrace my blog by giving link to his blog. You can easily find it on Google Plus. See every person has his ways of pleasure. Some people love writing, some playing, some reading, some sexual talks, some helping etc. But no body is interested in knowing about sexual sadisms in public forums XYZ. There are forums meant for that, use them because I don't have the authority to stop you, not that you would listen anyway. If, and mind it "IF", you visit his blog you will find jokes targeted solely at females and in a really really sadistic, horrendous, vulgar and obscene way. I felt embarrassed after reading the first few and then I closed the page. I just wanted to confirm whether this was a single isolated incident or it was something of a habit. Seems like a sick habit.

Now the problems that arise out of this case? There are so many. The first and foremost you are disrespecting the opposite gender. Second you are polluting the public space by such "legally" idiotic comments (for those who are thinking why I used the term legally idiotic - in legal terms an idiot person is one who has no sanity in him/ herself. He or she is insane at all given times). Thirdly you are encouraging others to follow your path which I am pretty sure is not something worth following. When kids go to college they are introduced to a whole new world of sexual innuendos and talks but most of the people are sensible enough to know when and where to talk what. But people like XYZ make the effort done by everyone else wash down the drains. 

So coming back to the Big Questions I highlighted above I would say in one sentence - Drawing the Line is important. Its important to know what you are saying and how it will impact the other's feelings. It's important to know that there are some limits one is not supposed to cross. Do whatever you want in your private space but when you are in public learn to draw the line. There are people who love what you may write XYZ, go entice them, buddy them but don't disrespect others. Just think if Jasveena was nearby you at present you would probably be in a hospital. Same is the case with me.

Once again I will reiterate one should learn to draw the line in everything they do. Excess of anything is bad. It not only creates bitterness but gives vile ideas to many sadists which they take out on innocent victims. XYZ you may not know but you are contributing to the part of the problem inadvertently. There is a line one should never cross. Adult jokes and innuendos are ok only when they are said with fun and modesty and taken in the same manner of fun. After that they make the person saying them sick and sadist. XYZ in my definition you are sick sadist person. Look at your age at least.

I am concluding this blog with one simple message that social networks allures everybody but there is a networking etiquette that everyone should learn and follow. And one of the most basic etiquettes is to learn to draw the line. Lets hope you don't ever hurt anybody's sentiments. Lets pledge not to take anymore shit from such jackasses and if they don't draw the line we force them to draw the line for the sanity of others

Genie Signing off
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