Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Wish List

"Kids are price less. They are loud, funny, loveable, crazy, funny, and a hand full. Even though they look so peaceful and calm when they're sleeping, you just hope they wake up to see them smile or just hear the sound of little foot steps around the house" (Sinahi Martinez)

Hi Everyone,

Every morning we all use deodorants when we get ready, every time we go out to eat many of us order some kind of cold drinks, every time we go for a movie we order popcorn, girls love to shop for cosmetics, dresses and sandals, many times we don't think twice what we say to our parents, many times we hurt our near and dear ones badly, we waste food in restaurants, many people don't think twice about leaving huge tips in restaurants and most of us don't think twice that we are not physically or mentally handicapped in any way. Why? Because we take these things for granted.

Ask someone who has lost parents, he will know the value of having the presence of parents in life. Ask a blind person what he would not give to see the beautiful colours of the world, the sunrise and sunset. In life we as a human beings have this habit of not appreciating what we have. This is really sad. I won't say that I don't take things for granted because I also take many things for granted. As I am writing this article I am realising how selfishly I have been living my life till now... I have done things for others, mostly my family and sometimes for strangers but I feel that I should do more.

So when I said all this to one of my friend, he said what difference can one person make? Well to be frank not much but even if I can bring happiness for lifetime in the life of one person I would consider my life successful. With this little introduction I would come to the core of the topic which is helping kids in orphanages.

Few years back when I was in Delhi, I visited an orphanage. I wanted to do something for the society and thought that helping kids in some orphanage would be the best way to do it. When I visited there the head of the orphanage showed me a list. That list contained one most desirable wish of all the kids in the orphanage. You won't believe what were the dreams of those kids. Some of the wishes from little girls were as simple as like having a pair of nice sandals and lipsticks. There was one small girl whose wish was very simple but it touched me deeply - she wanted to have an elder brother who could give her a hug every night before sleeping. I think now who so ever is reading this article would be able to put things in perspective and understand what I meant when I said we take things for granted.

For once I would not put any statistics in my article because I don't feel numbers can describe the problem and we need to realise this problem from heart and only then we would understand that we all really need to step up and do something. There are two ways in which we can help these kids seriously - one is deciding to mentor a kid and other is to adopt a kid.

Now I know in our Indian society adopting a kid is a kind of taboo actually. If a married couple is brave enough to adopt a kid, rest of the relatives start cursing about the adopted kid not being of same blood. If a single person adopts a kid then rumours about his/ her being involved with someone starts spreading and it becomes difficult for the person to find a life partner at a later stage in life. Really abysmal state of society in my opinion but I can't change the society now. So many people who want to  do something good are deterred from doing it because of these reasons.

But mentoring is something which everyone can do. Mentoring means paying for the education of the child. There are many organizations which run programs for mentoring the kids. You only need to donate a monthly or yearly amount towards the education of the child. I think almost everyone can contribute towards this because the amount is not much. Before anyone can say that I only give "gyan"; I, myself, have enrolled in a program called "Nanhi Kali" and I am contributing towards education of one girl child.

I would like to close this article by urging everyone to think how their lives would have been if there were no parents to love, care and lookout for them and where we would have been if not for the education we have. This generation is much more free from the orthodoxism of the society than previous generations and we have a real chance of doing something good. Just imagine if every educated, earning citizen of this country take the ownership of educating one under privileged kid where would this country be? Just think.

Lets fulfil the wish list of those innocent kids cause they are not asking for diamond, gold or a ferrari. Their small wishes can be fulfilled easily and we can empower them through education so that they can do the same for others in future.

"Orphans are the only ones who get to choose their fathers, and they love them twice as much" (Adam Johnson)

Genie Signing off

P.S. : If anyone is interested in details of mentoring program please contact me personally.