Monday, May 13, 2013

The "F" Line - 'Finish'

"No one has a problem with the first mile of a journey. Even an infant could do fine for a while. But it isn't the start that matters. It's the finish line." (Julien Smith, The Flinch)

Hi Everyone,

Just take a look back down the memory lane and try to find out how many projects you started but either did not finish or did not even start. You would be surprised to find a plethora of ideas that never reached the finish line for one reason or another. Ever thought how would your life look like if you had finished all those projects and ideas. I don't really need to spell that. Someone has rightly said, "Best ideas are found in the dustbin". Some of the best ideas of our life were the ones, which we did not start upon or never finished.

This article is about those ideas we never started or finished, ideas which could have changed our lives. I was looking at my website and felt bad that I have not paid any attention to it for so many months even though I have paid for it. It's completely my fault that I am not working towards it even though I know that it will generate rewards for me. The irony is when we do not take our ideas to the finish line we try console ourselves and justify by telling others and ourselves too that there were several unavoidable reasons because of which the idea could not work out. Sadly in our hearts we clearly know that in 99.99 % cases we ourselves are the only ones to blame.

I have many examples from my life where if I had followed those ideas to completion the growth in my career and personality would have been tremendous. But like I mentioned above I kept consoling myself that they were not the best course of action. But in hindsight I feel they were much better course of action than the ones followed. I think what is said about hindsight is true - it’s always perfect. But I am digressing here. What I am trying to say here that we all want a lot in our lives and we keep dreaming (and there is nothing wrong with dreaming) but then we don't put enough efforts to bring our dreams and ideas to fruition. Most of the times we lazy around until its too late to anything constructive about our ides. There are also cases where genuine problems arise and ideas need to be shelved either for a future date or forever. 

I have been writing this article for 6 days now and I was laughing at the irony that the name of the article is finish line and I am not take the article itself to the finish line. So I have decided to complete it today. Having highlighted some of the reasons behind incompletion of the ideas let me also share examples from my life where I also shelved the ideas but then I later did complete them or started working them on again. The purpose of this is to highlight the triggers or events, which can help any individual to mold the ideas and situations so that they can carry their ideas to "F" line.

  1. This is not my first blog. I started one when 6 years back but then I stopped after first article and never pursued it. I kept telling myself I don't have time for it. Recently something happened which forced me to bring out social problems out in the open in an educated community and what we as individuals can do to resolve those problems - an example of external trigger
  2. I used to learn guitar but then when I came to Mumbai I just left it. Now once again I have started learning after I realized that it is something that brings peace to my mind and even if I don't learn it I should keep playing and improving on what I already know - example of personal trigger
  3. Like I mentioned above my website has been sitting idle. I have started working on it again after I started writing this article because I realized that I am wasting the money I have already invested in it - example of monetary trigger

What I mean to say through these examples is that we lack the motivation and triggers in our life to complete our ideas. But no one from the outside is going to come and tell you that you should do this and that. We ourselves have get off our lazy bums and start working towards them to completion.

Ideas are like any animal species. Initially there are many, then people start hunting them, then they become endangered species and they finally they become extinct. Same case with ideas. Initially we all have a lot of ideas, when we don't implement them others who have the same ideas implement them, then the frequency of ideas become less and finally they become extinct and we get no more good ideas in our mind.

The more we implement the ideas the more we get. So it’s high time that we all as individuals start working on our shelved ideas and plans before they become extinct in our mind. Start realizing the triggers that motivate us and catch them before they flee away. And finally start making a better life for ourselves instead of just toiling on something, which we don't like to do just because we didn't pursue our ideas.

Lets take our ideas to the "Finish" Line.

Genie Signing Off