Monday, May 6, 2013

The Limelight "D" Syndrome - 'Deficiency'

"Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I am not so sure about the universe" (Albert Einstein)

Hi Everyone,

I just hate people, completely abhor them, detest them, who just for the sake of little limelight spout sexist remarks, unsolicited advices which no one is interested in and make comments whose stupidity level, more often than not, is beyond the reaches of my imagination. You must be wondering why all of a sudden I have gone off my rocker. Just a couple of days back I read a comment made on why girls should not wear skirts or shorts, by some organization's big boss in Noida. Come on people why cant you just mind your own damn business. Don't poke your nose in matters where it does not belong.

Now that I have ranted a little and I feel better I will come to the core of the topic which is about people who just for the sake of little limelight would say anything and comment anything. When the Delhi rape case happened (which one though, so many happened recently... sad state right...) all the political leaders and religious leaders had something to say on the matter. Some of the comments were so hilarious and outrageous that I could not believe my ears and eyes when heard or saw them. I consider myself a bit of a maverick but even I will not think of such statements.

Well they are politicians and religious leaders, their day does not end unless they make some stupid comment. But the main question is why they get inclined towards making such comments? Media attention obviously. Trying to get back in news. You know they are just like a product in the market. When a new product is launched in the market lot of advertisements are given to establish the credentials of the product. After sometime people start forgetting the product and it starts losing foothold in the market and at that time they again show some more advertisements. These people are like these products and what stupid comments they make are like those advertisements to keep them in the eye of the people, in the limelight.

As soon as something happens everyone gets a chance to advertise themselves, to once again get back into the limelight. Why? Because if they will not be in the media limelight, from where will they get all the money they have at present. Media is to blame big time for the stupidity of these individuals. Whenever someone makes some comment it will be aired on the television for the entire day. Whole debates will happen, people will come who will analyse each and every word said by that individual and try to find hidden meanings in what he said (even if the comment was plain crap). Don't they have anything else to report with so many things happening in the country. So you see indirectly media is increasing their urges to come in the limelight because they know the moment they spout something people will listen to all these media channels all day as they will definitely air it.

Leaving aside the politicians and religious gurus and coming to common people, there is no shortage of such people here also. Just yesterday I read that some one has a filed a case against M.S. Dhoni (Indian Cricket Captain) for hurting the sentiments of Hindus through some advertisement. No one will argue on the point that we see almost on a weekly basis someone doing something that hurts the sentiments of one religion or another. But do we see a line of cases for these in the court. Obviously not because it will not generate any publicity; but if you file case against a big name like Dhoni media will be your host for next many days and you will become an instant celebrity. Such petty mindedness. Whether Dhoni was right or wrong is not the case here; case is why against him, or many such cases that have happened before also with popular names.

These individuals suffer from something which I have started calling "Limelight Deficiency Syndrome (LDS)". The symptoms of this syndrome are periodic urges to say something extremely stupid which will probably hurt the sentiments of masses and thus give better limelight attention to them. We are the ones who feed this disease to grow by being the audience they want. Actually I have stopped listening to all the stupids debates that happen on the News Channels. Media industry works on TRP and if we, the audience, do not give them the TRP they want they will themselves stop airing such stupid crap on the television for the entire day.

Hope everyone gets the embedded message in the article. Be the change, be the part of the solution.

Genie Signing off