Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Best Serial Killer - 'Nature'

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"No doubt, humans will do a lot of damage before we ultimately destroy ourselves. But life will continue without humans. New forms of intelligence will emerge long after this human experiment is over" (Zeena Shreck)

Hello Everyone,

After having seen the tragedy in Uttarakhand one can undoubtedly say that Mother Nature is the best serial killer out there in the entire universe. But it never kills without a just reason. It gives a lot of warnings, a lot of time for us to realize how much we are hurting the nature, only after all that it decides to go on a killing spree. Whether it is a tsunami, a tornado, a landslide, flash floods, earthquakes etc, these are just her ways to even the odds which have been stacked up against her over the centuries.

We all are getting artificial day by day. We love to remain in AC but we will not take efforts to stroll in open air. We would take out our bikes and cars even for a short distance but would not bother to walk few meters. We would love to construct buildings but would not bother replenishing trees which were lost due to construction. We love to further develop developed cities but forget about the naturally rich villages and the wonders they can do for nature. We take pride in driving in a car or SUV but feel ashamed taking a public conveyance. 

All these factors are slowly but surely killing the nature. But you know what the sad part is, we are actually killing ourselves too. We get so used to AC that if we have to walk few hours in sunlight we get sunburns and blisters. I know of cases where parents have kept their newborns so much comforted in AC that they developed Ricketts (lack of vitamin D, whose primary source is sunlight). I have never particularly liked AC, it’s comfortable for sure but I don’t think it’s my cup of tea. I will tell about my first encounter with AC. As soon as I entered the AC room I felt so nauseous that I went out as soon as my work was done. That was many years ago and even now I don’t feel comfortable in AC, whether in office, room or car. 

The various companies are trying so hard to develop natural atmosphere inside home using various appliance while avoiding the best and most natural AC - nature itself. Sadly we are not learning from our mistakes. The number of cars are increasing day by day. Some people having more cars than they can ever use. People take having car as a status symbol, as a symbol of development. A developed country is not one where everyone has car, a developed country is one where even the richest take public conveyance. 

Its been almost 4 years now, since I came to Mumbai. In these four years I have seen drastic climatic changes, which are going to become even more drastic in coming future. The winters have been getting colder. For a place where people did not know what winters were, they sure are facing needs to get woolen clothes now. Glaciers are melting, areas near sea are submerging, Tornados and floods of increasing intensity are happening - disasters happening everywhere.

The nature is showing its unhappiness, it is ringing the warning bell; it’s high time that we wake up and start realizing that we have already set off the time bomb of disaster and try to delay it as much as possible. Sadly we cannot bring back the original state of the nature. We have come too far for that. We have crossed the point of no return and there is no way to undo the damage we have done. But we can start doing our share to prevent the Armageddon that is bound to happen sooner or later. Some of the simple suggestions are mentioned in the linked article.

I hope everyone realizes the seriousness of the situation because when Nature goes on a killing spree it discriminates between no one, everyone is given the same punishment - punishment of death.

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