Sunday, August 11, 2013

Need for "T" or "H" - 'Teleporting' or 'Hovercraft'

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"Sometimes I wonder - Whether there are potholes in the road or road in the potholes" (by Genie)

Hello Everyone,
After reading the quote above you must have realized what the topic of today's discussion is going to be. Its the pathetic condition of the roads in the city of Mumbai and all across India. Since I am currently in Mumbai so I will focus only on the Mumbai roads. I have been thinking to write on this for quite some time now but a comment from one of my office colleague prompted me to write it now. The comment he made was, "We need a Hovercraft".
And actually we do. Either that or we need to learn to teleport ourselves from one place to another so that we do not have to endure the arduous and painful journey on the roads every day. But sadly if the government cannot build good roads then they can surely not provide the hovercraft facility and teleportation is a fictional concept anyway.
The potholes in the road get even worse in the rainy season. The court has given a mandate to the BMC (Municipal corporation of the city) to get all the roads up and ready by the famous Ganpati festival but the question is will these roads be able to bear the burden of sudden rush of vehicles and crowd during the festivals.
I have been living in Mumbai for three years now and i really don’t understand why the road construction work always starts in the rainy season. I mean come on if you make a road in rainy season it will suffer a lot of wear and tear because of the rains as it will not get time to settle down and dry off. Sometimes I wonder what game the bureaucrats are playing starting the tenders for road construction in rainy season. I might be wrong but I have got a feeling why. If they will construct the roads in the rainy season, they will get deteriorated very soon and then the government can float another tender. The temporary fillings in the pothole get washed away in the next bout of rain. The fillings raarely last more than few days. On the main highway I have seen the same pothole repaired three times in the last month and it is still in the original condition sadly. It has become money laundering business rather than actual constructive construction.
Sadly the bureaucrats are amassing the money and it’s the general public which is facing the problems in daily life - slow traffic, delays, huge waste of time, accidents etc. So once again I wonder should we start buying hovercrafts or who knows some genius scientist comes up with a device to teleport us ;)
Sadly until the government and the bureaucrats wake up, get their heads out of sand and actually see the problem, we will only find road in potholes and not the other way round (which is slightly more better). So till then plesae be safe while driving on the road and be cautious of the bumps and holes of the roads.
Genie Sining off