Sunday, March 17, 2013

Caste - A Bane on Human Race (Part 1)

" When I born, I black. When I grow up, I black.
  When I go in sun, I black. When I scared, I black.
  When I sick, I black. When I die, I still black.

  And you white people
  When you born, you pink. When you grow up, you white.
  When you go in sun, you red. When you cold, you blue.
  When you scared, you yellow. When you sick you green.
  And when you die, you grey.

  And you calling me colored??? " (Best Poem 2006, United Nations)

Hi Everyone,

The above poem was nominated as the best poem of 2006 by United Nations. It was written by an African child. Based on the poem and title you must have got the drift of the article by now.

We live in a divided world. The earth is divided into continents, continents divided into countries, countries divided into states, states divided into cities, people divided into religions, religions divided into castes, and castes divided into sub-castes. 

Right from the childhood kids are told with whom to associate and with whom not. When this classification is based on the danger the kid will face its ok but when this classification is made on the basis of caste, religion and creed, its pathetic. I have seen discrimination based on caste right from childhood and I always wondered why the difference and discrimination? Whats the problem that some people are treated inferior to others. When I grew up and I started understanding the working of the society, then it enlightened upon me why we treat people (whom we consider as lower caste) in an inferior way. You want to know the reason -  This society is a coward and a sheep, which is afraid of change and just want to maintain the status quo (No offence to people who really want to challenge the stupid norms of the society).

Let me bring certain facts to light before I go any further:

Fact : Politicians demand votes based on religion and caste creating further divide in the society and country
Fact : People are leaving India and settling in foreign nations because they feel that the society is too orthodox and constricting
Fact : People run away from their homes to get married to who they want, because their parents did not allow intercaste or inter religion marriage
Fact : People committing murder in the name of honour killing because they feel getting married in a different community or religion or caste is a crime
Fact : People fleeing from villages to metro cities so that they can live their life free of restraints of caste and religion (which is actually a delusion only)
Fact : Religious riots and caste based riots happen because of the divide caused by the religion and caste and the people to benefit from it are the politicians for their vote banks and people who have nefarious intentions towards the nation.
Fact : Country's progress is hindered because government is forced to create reservation laws so that the everyone can have some sense of equal chance (even though there other hidden agendas too)
Fact : The tolerance level between different religions and castes is decreasing rapidly

I can carry on the list of facts, and with numbers too, but it will be a waste of space and time. Getting back to the point, the castes and religions are doing nothing but creating divide and that too in the society in the name of what? God, superiority? They are making lives of the coming generation hell. People can't do a lot of things because society won't approve. Many might say the situation is worse in villages than in metro cities but actually its almost the same, the only difference being that in cities the problem is sugar coated.

I always ask myself what so great about being a bramhin, or kshatriya or for that matter any caste? What makes one caste superior than other? What makes one religion better than other? And let me tell you no one will be able to give a perfectly reasonable answer to that. There is no harm in following a religion. It actually gives you a sense of identity. But my friends all religions are equal - they all convey the same message, all castes are equal. Who are you to make discrimination based on caste when everyone is part of one one single species and race - human race.

Everyone is born as a human being, as a member of human race. We are putting a black spot on the grace and name of the human race by discriminating on the basis of caste and religion. We are the ones who are ensuring death of thousands of people in riots and other religious attacks. If we as a individuals stood up and said that stupid norms of society, caste and religions are just that - stupid, embrace only the good aspects of religion and finally boycott the castes, I think we can really create a better world for future generations.

I am not done with the topic and will be covering in detail the various problems illustrated in facts in subsequent parts. Till then stay tuned and try to become a part of the SOLUTION.

Genie Signing off