Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Mystical Pumpkin

Hi Everyone,

"Hello Pumpkin Pumpkin, hello honey bunny" (don't worry I am not going to criticise the ring tone). But this was the first thing that came into my mind when I read an article on how the people were trying to spread the news that Lord Shiva has appeared in the form of a pumpkin (weighing 87 kg). When I read the article I started doing, as very popular in SMS language, "lol"; it would have been "rofl" had I not been in office. I just couldn't control my laughter and went outside of the ODC and then when I calmed down I realised that even though it seems funny but beneath all this fun was a very serious issue that is eating this country inside out like a termite.

Since ages people have used God to keep others in control. I am not against God and I am also not against devotion to God. Its an individual's choice but when this devotion becomes irrational and when people with cunning use this devotion to usurp wealth and emotions of other people it becomes a crime and then I have a strong objection to it.

I remember reading few years back an article in newspaper which said that in some Indian village a kid was born with three eyes. The religious priests and gurus got news of this and started spreading news that Lord Shiva was born again. The doctors clearly said that an operation needed to be done otherwise the child will die soon but in the frenzy of Shiva's reincarnation all the medical attention needed by the innocent new born child was forgotten and the child did die after some time. Even if for a moment I did agree that the new born baby was a reincarnation of Lord Shiva, which it was not, what benefit did anyone get from it. It resulted only in a loss. A family lost a new born in the entire fiasco. And this is not the only case and this not only happens in India. A similar incident happened in Japan.

Cunning people use fear to control other. We all fear what we don't understand and cant see, and no one has seen God and prove that he/ she has seen. So God becomes a good tool for some people to use for their benefit against the unknowing population. I wonder if there is really a God he would be very disappointed the way people use His name to mar and loot the ignorant population.

Also all these corrupt people who claim to know God are not corrupt from the beginning but then as the devotees increase, your fame increases and with it the corruption. Sometimes I really wonder how all these religious gurus have worth of millions of rupees when they live the life of simplicity (at least they claim that) and more importantly if they are really the messengers, avatars and what not of God why don't they use their resources for the benefit of others. There is  a very famous quotation - "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" - and in this case it's very apt.

I cannot do justice by depicting only one side of the issue so talking about the positive side I would also admit there are people who are gifted. But in my short life till now all the gifted people I have seen or known, and I have met some of them, are very humble and never use their gifts for gathering a mass of devotees and preaching people. They simply share their gift with other to help the needy. Now these are the people I have highest respect for and not the people who doesn't even understand the meaning of chant they do. I saw in a TV show an ayurvedic doctor who was gifted with healing knowledge (he had no formal education) but somehow he always knew what to prescribe. He was a very humble person.

If someone wants to work for God and then there are an unlimited number of ways which are there besides creating a mass of God fearing devotees. There are so many ways in which one can please God, if someone is really desperate to do so. Go and feed a hungry person, his best wishes will always be with you. Don't waste your money on donations in temples etc., simply use it, for example to mentor an unprivileged child. This is the attitude which is needed currently. If God is there He will bestow you with good things for your good deeds.

Since this is blog for an open dialogue I will present my opinion and I am not forcing my views on anyone. Take God as source of peace of mind rather than a vending machine always demanding one thing or other. When you are at peace your mind works better and you will be able to do things which, for quite some time, you have not been able to. I am telling this from personal experience. Don't spend money, emotions and time on impostors.

Please don't support all these fake religious gurus and avatars (as they are the ones who are the root cause of most of the religion related issues) and if you can rationalise to a person who does follow them please do so. Every single step helps.

Please be a part of the SOLUTION and don't feed these termites and end nonsense like this pumpkin one. Please spread awareness and don't be a part of the PROBLEM because these termites are themselves big enough problem.

Genie Signing off.

P.S. : My deepest apologies if I have hurt anybody's sentiments.. that was not the intention at all

P.P.S : I am expecting a lot of criticism on this article, it is welcome and I am ready to answer any question and critique