Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Talk

"Insights into erotic life belong to art, not education. But sometimes these have to be spelled out for the illiterates. And it is mainly a matter of convincing the illiterates, for they are the ones who write the penal code"
(Karl Kraus, Half-truths and One-and-a-Half Truths, University of Chicago, 1990)

Hi Everyone,

Do you know that at any given point of time there are around 2 - 20 million people engaged in some kind of intimate physical relationship and still the word "sex" is a taboo in the society. If a person talks about it, he/ she is considered immodest, if a person tries to discuss something on it other people shy away, if a person tries to educate someone in it other people trample upon that initiative and if a person tries to pass some good law on it that law never sees the light of the day.

We are living in a society where every teenager dreams about the dream girl and a boy but no one is ready to enter into a debate on human sexuality. Even with all the modernisation and advancement of the country and society, all over the world, people are still woefully ignorant in the various aspects of sex and sexual behaviours. Do you know that in India children in the family are taught, or more likely told, about sexual matters just few days before marriage; something that should be done on a continuous basis in steps from the moment the child hits the stage of puberty. I know I never got one in my family and to many of the friends I asked about it, they also didn't.

One of the biggest misconception about sex education is that people feel its only tells about matters of how to do sex and reproduce something which is blatantly wrong. This is one of the main reasons why people feel sex education is something dirty and immoral. Sex education is such a wide subject and it contains an array of topics related to human sexuality - anatomy, process of reproduction, relationships, preventive sex, usage of contraceptives, marriage, child care, hormonal changes, communication with opposite sex, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy etc.

Lack of a curriculum in sex education leads very few avenues for the teenagers to satisfy their curiosity about sexual matters - friends, media and books. Of the three only books are a credible source of information given that the book is authentic and not just some porn junk. The information received from other two sources are mostly inaccurate or misrepresented unless its an educational TV show or a counsellor. I know this because I found a huge difference between what I learned from here-say and the book. My point is, even if we forget about sex education in schools, when parents don't teach the kids till the last possible moment, the kids do the same to their kids, who will do the same to the next generation and thus this vicious cycle of delay and misinformation continues.

Sex education gives a person (especially for girls) mental strength to say no to any advances that he or she feels is not good for them, it helps them understanding their own body and what is good or bad for it and most importantly it helps them being ready for anything they decide to enter into. People having a sex education develop a high tolerance level against falling for evil deeds. It will actually help a great deal to tackle the problems of sexual assault and adolescent pregnancy.

Verma Committee said in its report that time has come to stop beating around the bush and sex education should be made mandatory for all the students. Let the current Delhi case be a lesson to the leaders of the country that time has come to make sex education compulsory and stop playing with stupid laws and do something productive and proactive for once rather than being always reactive

In western countries when the parents tell their kids about sexual matters, the discussion is called "The Talk". For all the parents who are reading this article lets hope you give "The Talk" to your kids, if you have not, and become the part of the SOLUTION. Lets not delay this any longer and remain the part of the PROBLEM.

I will end this topic on a simple thought that, "may be in time government wakes up and does the right thing but in the mean time we as parents need to do our duty at the right time rather than delaying it till the last moment".

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