Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Superman Was Born Superman

"I find the whole mythology surrounding superheros very fascinating... A staple of the superhero mythology is there is a superhero and there is the alter ego.. Batman is actually Bruce Wayne, Spiderman is Peter Parker.. When that character actually wakes up in the morning he is Peter Parker.. He has to put on a costume to become spider man and it is in that characteristic Superman stands alone… Superman didn't become superman, Superman was born Superman. When he wakes up in the morning he is Superman" (Kill Bill movie, Volume 2)

Hi Everyone,

The dialogue mentioned above is one my favourite movie dialogues. It reminds me that when I should wake up in the morning I should feel what I actually am, I should do what I like and should be looking forward to the day rather than pretending to like something I don't. The readers must be wondering where this article is going. Well to break the suspense today's article is on "Job Satisfaction" and some connected issues.

When we are in school we keep thinking when we will go to college, when we are in college we miss the school days and keep thinking when can we get a job to get out of studies. But when we get a job we miss the college days and schooldays. Isn't it ironical that we are never happy with what we have. Focusing on the working part of our lives the actual job satisfaction level of employees all over the world is very low. According to a global survey done by Accenture in late 2011, almost 60% of the workforce (including men and women) is not satisfied with their jobs. Of the remaining 40% also a very low percentage is completely satisfied with their jobs. Fortunately those are the only ones who got lucky in finding what they love to do.

Everyone knows whether they love what they are doing or not. But then the big question is if they don't why continue doing it? There are several reason - most popular being money, followed by situations not under control, followed by not getting anything else to do etc... Once when I was travelling I met a guy who used to work in IBM. He worked there for almost 7 years before he quit because he found no joy in working and he was doing it only for money. He was always interested in social service and when he quit he joined Novartis to organise medical camps in villages. In his own words, "At least when I go home at night I know that I have done something that makes me happy".

Now I cannot ask people to quit their jobs and start doing what makes them happy because after all money is also important. Having said that there are alternative means to reduce stress of job dissatisfaction if not completely eliminate it. Some of them are:
  1. Take out time to follow your hobby (like music, art and craft, sports etc. I, for instance, like writing and music and I do give time to both)
  2. If you like teaching join your own organisation's initiatives, or join some NGO part time to teach unprivileged kids or mentor a kid on your own (It's an awesome experience and gives great satisfaction)
  3. If money is not an issue for you, go after what you like full time rather than being in your comfort zone (be what you actually are when you wake up in the morning)
I am not preaching anyone. I am just pointing that there is always a solution out there for every problem. Going after what you like takes guts and daring, more than anything else. Even if you can't go after it for some reasons, work towards it so that in future you can pursue your interests full time. Life is very short, don't waste it on something you don't like doing. Don't become something you are not.

Here you yourself are the problem and the solution. Now its up to you what you want to be - the SOLUTION or the PROBLEM.

Genie Signing off