Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dam of Scam

Hi Everyone,

"With great power comes great responsibility"

But this concept is something which the leaders of this country cannot comprehend and when I say leaders I am including leaders at all levels. In most of the cases the leaders are misusing their powers. These leaders think that the leadership positions are a source of free money and power, using it as they wish. A bit pathetic in my opinion as they have been entrusted with power to use it for the benefit of the country, not to destroy it. On the flip side I have deep respect for people who have truly justified the leadership position entrusted to them.

Seeing people do scams, and then get away with it gives a huge blow to the motivation of those people who believe that money should earned by right means. There are many people who honestly want this country to progress, who do not believe in corruption and are against it, people who have given their lives so that this country can prosper and yet this country is moving ahead at a pace that can be rivalled by snail.

The plague named "scam" has become such a dangerous disease that it needs to be systematically removed or else everyone can kiss goodbye to any progress. The potency of these scams can be easily understood by the fact that the total alleged scam amount for the year 2012 was INR 14.07 trillion and the fiscal deficit for the current financial year is estimated to be INR 5.1 - 5.4 trillion. I think after seeing the figures calculation is pretty easy and it can be easily seen that the scam amount easily covers the deficit almost three times. I am astounded by the numbers. I knew there were a lot of scams but not at this level or of this quantity. These figures give all together a new perspective to the word "corruption".

When I saw the list of scams since independence I was a bit shocked, that forget about scams in construction, 2G, coal etc. they didn't even leave the education sector. Education is what develops the future generation for development of the country and they have cut that branch down. Recent scam of allocating thousands of teachers illegally is a great example of that. On the same subject of education sector, the conditions of many government schools is pathetic where teachers don't even bother to come and are enjoying salary sitting at home and taking money for tutoring the same students privately. Thats also a kind of scam only, even if on a smaller level.

These scams are standing like a tall dam behind which is stored all the development which is not able to come through the dam or is coming very slowly. The problem is so widespread and at so many levels that only one person can't be blamed. We have got so used to giving "speed money" and bribes that we ourselves do not think twice before resorting to those means. The very same people, who at lower levels take small bribes, indulge into bigger scams when they reach the higher levels.

Many people have argued with me that the flow of corruption starts from the top level and trickles down to the bottom level. But I, somewhat, disagree to that because as I said above the very same people who indulge in small bribes do bigger scams as they rise on the ladder of career. So its basically us who are acting like a concrete and foundation for the dam of scam. If we decide we can make cracks in this dam by simply refusing to any sort of bribes or speed money. I mean for how long the status quo will maintain and people in authority will not do their jobs. After sometime they themselves will surrender.

If corruption flows from top to bottom we will have to bring change from bottom to top. And believe me the number of people in position of leaders form only a small percentage of this huge population. All it takes is determination and guts to change the system and it can be done. Ireland is a good example for this.

Let's break this dam and be a part of the SOLUTION because the development and prosperity is just one wall away. Lets not indulge in anymore corruption and still remain the part of the PROBLEM

Genie Signing off.