Monday, March 4, 2013

"Fairer Sex" - Unfair Treatment


Hi Everyone,

A century or back so the female population was referred to as the "fairer sex" not because they were fairer in their skin color as compared to their male counterpart but because being women was an acronym for purity, gentleness etc. Now when I read a news online about sexual assault on a 7 year old girl, I am forced to think are we, males, treating our counterpart fairly? A billion dollar question in my opinion given the recent happenings in Delhi and then subsequent protests and the treatment by the police and what not because the list is endless.

So as you might have guessed by now today's topic touches the crimes happening against women, where the fault lies and what can be done to improve, if not completely eradicate, the situation. Few years back I was watching an interview of an Indian female model (don't remember the name), where she was asked if she is bothered by the people who look at the body and not the dress? Her reply was so simple and yet magical in itself - "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So I cannot be blamed for people watching with lust". I have quoted this specific incident because whenever some incident of sexual assault makes the headlines, all the politicians, religious gurus, people who want few seconds of limelight quote several reasons for the incident, most of which are ridiculous. For example:

  1. Because of influence of western culture. (If men cannot control their lust, its the fault of the cultural change.. bravo what a stupid notion)
  2. Because of women exposing more (mostly wrong. A survey was done in Lucknow University where it was found that girls in saree, salwar kurta were more a victim of sexual harassment as compared to girls wearing modern clothing)
  3. Girls going to bars at night... (who are you to decide where they can or cannot go.. control your own savage urges)
And the list goes on and on... Even if we leave the reasoning behind, the solutions proposed by the same people are so hilarious that words are insufficient to describe them:
  1. Girls should do parda (problem is in your viewpoint and they should hide their faces.. really stupid idea)
  2. They should not be out after sunset (this is a free country... control your savage urges and if you cannot then don't go out after sunset rather than asking them to remain inside)
  3. They should follow Indian dressing culture (I found this one most funny because guys can follow all the fashion they want and if the girls do they are the cause of the incident)
The truth is "Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". Its inside our head and we need to change out thinking if we want to control these incidents. Its the responsibility of this generation to control the wildfire of this problem. Some very simple yet effective solutions are:
  1. Don't discriminate between girls and boys in a family. Teach both of them to respect the other gender. These kind of values should be inculcated in family and schools.
  2. Sex education is a very important step towards remedying a large portion of the problem (something which most of the politicians are against)
  3. Change your mentality against women. They are not objects or plaything. They are human beings just like you
  4. Media can also be useful by running informative drives on remedying the situation rather than just reporting it.
Basically we need to bring the changes right from the childhood. So this generation has a huge responsibility to inculcate these values in this kids right from the childhood so that once again it can said that yes "fairer sex" is being treated fairly.

So a request to all the citizens of this country.. please become the part of the SOLUTION and don't ignore this burning issue because then you once again become the part of the PROBLEM.

Genie Signing off.